Social Stigmergy

“Research Topics in Social Stigmergy”, an elective proposed by the Doctoral Program in Complexity Sciences (ISCTE-IUL / FCUL). Students from other doctoral programs from ISCTE-IUL and FCUL are welcome.

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Doctoral students will develop competencies related to the understanding of social stigmergic behaviour, and will contribute to the research in this domain.



  1. Which are the existing sources of literature, and the essential theoretical concepts in the domain of Social Stigmergy. Case studies in biology, zoology, and sociology;
  2. Simulate in computer social models with stigmergic interaction;
  3. Participation in stigmergic improvisation games in a laboratory, using the Real-Time Composition Method, under the supervision of a choreographer;
  4. Write a scientific article including a description and critical analysis of the previous experiment;
  5. Workshop about Social Stigmergy. Present and discuss the scientific article previously mentioned.

Real-Time Composition

  • A brief introduction to Real Time Composition method“, text by João Fiadeiro.


  • .

  • Movie documenting the 2014 art residence at Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, where the RTC method has been applied in a non-performative environment (in portuguese):

  • .

  • Real Time Composition applied in a performative environment at the Centre National de la Danse (Paris) and the Centre Choréographique National (Montpellier), 2005 (in french):



  • João Fiadeiro – Choreographer. Research interests include Art and Science, collective improvisation processes, Social Stigmergy.
  • Jorge Louçã – Professor of Computer Science at ISCTE-IUL. Actual coordinator of the Master and PhD programs in Complex Systems at ISCTE-IUL. Research interests include modelling complex social systems through intensive data collection and analysis.


  • Participation on the theoretical sessions (20%)
  • Participation on the improvisation games (20%)
  • Organisation of the workshop (20%)
  • Scientific article
    • text (20%)
    • presentation (20%).

Calendar 2017-18

  • To be defined

always at ISCTE-IUL



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