Winter Online Doctoral Workshop 2018

New Directions for Complex Systems Research

29 January 2018 | Online on the Internet | Onsite simultaneously at IITGN, Gandhinagar, India, and at ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal


The first edition of the Winter Online Doctoral Workshop on New Directions for Complex Systems Research took place on January 29, 2018. The workshop brought together doctoral students from all fields related with complex systems research for engaging and friendly exchange of ideas. Doctoral students who are conducting interdisciplinary research in the field of complex systems were welcome to submit literature reviews or early research abstracts. By doing so doctoral candidates not only had the possibility to have a first evaluation on their research from two blind reviews but could also be a part of a process of intense exchange with other doctoral candidates who are researching on similar fields, creating an enriching contact network and facilitating future interaction.


The workshop aimed at nurturing new insights on domains of complex systems research such as:

  • Foundations of Complex Systems
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Cognition and Linguistics
  • Economics and Finance
  • Infrastructure, Planning and Environment
  • Biological an (Bio)Medical Complexity
  • Socio-Ecological Systems
  • Complexity in Physics and Chemistry


Talks were presented through the Internet Zoom videoconference platform and took 15m each. Besides the Internet, two rooms were provided for onsite assistance, one at ISCTE-IUL, Auditório Afonso de Barros (Lisbon, Portugal), starting at 11h30 local time, and the other at IIT-GN Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Block 6, room 202, starting at 17h00 local time (Gandhinagar, India).


  1. Harvey Restrepo, “Evolution of Computerized Adaptive Testing” – presentation
  2. Farhad Shadmand, “Fractal and Multi-Fractal Analysis for Financial Markets” – presentation
  3. Filipe Dias, “State of the Art in Information Geometry” – presentation
  4. Santa Elena Tellez Flores, “Complex systems manifestations of the onset of chaos via intermittency” – presentation
  5. Thomas Weber, “Study of social institutions from a micro-perspective using the theory of dissipative structures.” – presentation
  6. Danielle Passos, Helder Coelho and Flávia Sarti, “Antifragility How Complexity Science can benefit organizations” – presentation
  7. Andreia Pereira, “Tell me who your friends are: a complex systems approach to tax evasion” – presentation
  8. Ricardo Tavares, “Reducing tax gap through compliance: the emergent patterns of tax evasion” – presentation
  9. Luis Ramada Pereira, “Model for the generation of synthetic temporal networks” – presentation
  10. Pedro Fidalgo, “Threat Detection Risk Identification Model in Telecom Operators” – presentation
  11. Junqiao Chen, “Novel Application of Agent-based Modeling in Healthcare” – presentation
  12. Ana Teresa Santos and Sandro Mendonça, “Gatekeepers of innovation research: who is who in scientific publication” – presentation


The 3 best submissions will be granted the special WW18 Award.


  • Jorge Louçã
  • Rui Lopes

Scientific Committe

  • Ana Teresa Santos
  • Andreia Pereira
  • Farhad Shadmand
  • Filipe Dias
  • Harvey Restrepo
  • Junqiao Quinn Chen
  • Pedro Fidalgo
  • Pedro Portela
  • Ricardo Tavares
  • Sérgio Bacelar
  • Thomas Weber